18 May 2022

The Structured Personal Finance Planning Program

The Initiative                             : Structured & Personalized Financial Planning Program

Standard duration                   : Six (6) weeks

Target audience                        : Individuals/Couples/ Groups

Formula                                       : One on one Online or in person session(s).

If you have ever tried to fix your financial situation but were unsuccessful or unable to maintain positive management behaviors and habits, this Practical and Structured Personal Finance Planning Program is an excellent investment into your Personal Finance Fitness.

  • Do you have a Personal Financial plan/Road-map or strategy of where you would want to go or to achieve with your money in the next 3, 5, 10 or more years?
  • Have you tried to fix your personal finances, get out of debt, start saving for your short term, medium term or Long term goals? Do you even have those clear goals in the first place?
  • Do you want to start investing for your goals but you do not know where to start or are feeling overwhelmed by this long but very rewarding Journey?
  • Do you have an accountability partner who will be your guide and sounding board when or if things go out of hand?

This program is structured, personalized and specially designed to help you put order on your money for a lifetime of financial well being. It comes with a specialized Personal Finance Planning Handbook explicitly developed by a Money Coach! Creating a financially secure life may feel like a daunting task that requires so much skill and information. You need to figure out where you are today, where you want to get and how to get there.

Take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders. It is just a few steps, and it is doable. Some goals will take months while others may take years if not decades to reach. That is part of the plan! But you also get an immediate payoff in the form of less stress starting the minute you dive into the journey of taking control of your Personal Finances. It is always a Journey.

According to a 2019 survey, 9 in 10 people say nothing makes them happier or more confident than having their Personal Finances in order. This guide is your ticket to joining in. In this Journey, you will enjoy engaging a qualified Money Coach to walk with you the journey of creating your own personal finance plan including the empowering templates that will save so much of your time and money and give you a structured financial plan just for yourself/Family/Group.

Do not wait for someone else to do it for you. Just hire yourself and start calling the shots! Once you sign up, you will be assigned to a Money Coach who will be your guide and accountability partner – the reminder that your financial success is a journey and not a destination. Join in. Let us explore!


  • Individuals
  • Couples/ Families
  • Groups of people.


  1. Introduction (Your finance fitness Assessment, Money Personality & Financial wheel of life)
  2.  Gather Your Personal Finance information and evaluate your current situation
  3. Set Your SMART Money Goals for the year 2022 and beyond
  4. Your Debt Action Plan. Identify your Alternative Courses of Action
  5. Start Budgeting? The big 5 Personal budget considerations
  6. Start investing for your goals
  7. Your Investments Portfolio
  8. Create & Implement Your Personal Financial Plan for the current year and beyond
  9. Plan & Protect Your Estate
  10. Review & Raise Your Plan


  • The sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis in 2 hours sessions.
  • Engagement could be online or in person.
  • Each sign-up comes with a *Free Personal Finance Planning Handbook which will be the tool for this Journey complete with lessons, skeleton notes and all the requisite assignments and resources.
  • There will be utmost confidentiality on any personal information shared during the sessions. For a more personalized Journey,  you will be assigned to a Money Coach who will walk with you as a guide/accountability partner and help ensure that the work gets done.
  • All the parties will keep time so that the sessions start and end on the agreed time.
  • The client will allow the Money Coach to challenge and encourage them in order to make steady progress and help them avoid pitfalls along the way.
  • Both parties will be optimistic and make the most out of the sessions. This includes doing all the assignments for the sessions.
  • At least 50% of the consultancy fees must be paid for the sessions to kick off.


This program will happen in batches of 6 themed sessions happening weekly. Just treat this like that hot date or a serious Doctor’s appointment that you cannot afford to miss! The Money Coach will be your sounding board when things get out of hand.  Whichever option you choose, know that the work you put in today will pay off in freedom and flexibility for the rest of your life!


The sessions are inclusive and client-focused. They entail interactive discussions, calculations & analysis, journaling and assignments. Each participant is entitled to at least one extra hour per week of open house session to explore your financial potential, areas of stuckness and tools for personal action and growth at a personal level.


Your investment into the program will be Kes.  10,000.00 for a standard 6 weeks structured Personal Financial Planning Program. This is a short time offer for this program. The fees will soon revert back to the normal fees.


  • Pay the requisite fees via M-pesa Till number 9819183 (Cheques to be written in favour of Attique Africa
  • Forward the M-Pesa confirmation message to: +254 727 143 313 for booking
  • Provide a communications contact where the Handbook and class links will be sent well before the class.
  • Free your schedule and block your session time for the next 6 weeks.


Elizabeth is a Business Administration Finance Expert.  She is answering a higher calling and is on a mission to help you put order in your Money. She does Personalized Money Coaching, Finance literacy training, Investments Advisory and Entrepreneurship Development.

She is incredibly passionate about children, Teenagers, and young adults. To cultivate positive money habits, skills, and attitudes from an early age for a lifetime of financial well-being. She trains in schools, Institutions of higher learning, Churches, and other organizations.

Elizabeth holds a Master of Business Administration degree (Finance option) from the University of Nairobi is a full Accountant (C.P.A K). She holds over 20 years of practical work experience in Corporate Finance. She is a married mother of 3 children.

Elizabeth is an Author with several titles on Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship as below:

  • Money Life skills Workbook for the 21st Century Teenager
  • My Life skills Workbook for Children
  • My Personalized Financial Planner
  • My Personal Money Nuggets Work Book- over 52 weeks of personalized Money Coaching Mini Classics.
  • Generating my Unique Business Idea- An entrepreneurship Development  Work book
  • Social Entrepreneurship Hybrid Economic Workbook (A Limited Edition)
  • Money Fundamentals for Young Adults- In Progress

For any questions, clarifications etc., please feel free and welcome to reach out on [email protected]/ +254 727 143 313 

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