What are some of the biggest challenges facing individuals & businesses today?

From our position as a Personalized Finance Coach firm, We have partnered with some of the world’s leading organizations to provide comprehensive total finance fitness training programs for their individual members to improve performance and reach revenue goals. As part of our detailed customization process, We interview several top stakeholders within its client organization to understand needs, challenges, and areas for development.

Attique Africa’s proprietary methodology for acquiring and analyzing this information leads to valuable insight, trends and solutions and, as a result, Attique Africa is able to provide value-added solutions to our client partners. We present the following list below which represents some of the most pressing challenges that we have seen business face the last 12 months.

Smart Money Personal Finance

Live your ideal financial life by making the most out of your assets and assisting you develop a personal finance plan

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M-Junior Children Financial Literacy

Learn proper money management and savings as a life skill at an early age in order to be able to navigate the financial world

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Kazini Personal Finance Fitness

Designed to empower employees on Personal Financial Management for lifetime of financial well-being.

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M-Bizna Entrepreneurship Support

Entrepreneurship is a journey. It is a risky process, makes heavy demands on the and it’s not easy to undertake alone

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Mpower Investments Planning

Investment planning starts with proper financial planning. Planning your financial life is not a one-way conversation.

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M-Bizna Customized Consultancies

Communicate the Vision, Mission, values and goals to stakeholders. It may facilitate financing, obtaining of suppliers and partners.

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