Empowering  you with the insights you need to dominate in today’s ever demanding lives.

If you have tried to fix your financial situation but were unsuccessful or unable to maintain the positive management behaviors, then this program is a great investment for your financial fitness. This is where Attique Africa can help.

Attique Africa is a Personalize Finance Coaching Company. We have over 30 years of experience creating customized personalized finance coaching solutions that build organizational capability and improves the individual skills to invest wisely for your future.

The success of any Organization is determined mainly by the productivity of its employees. Every employer aims at getting value from the employees as well as meeting the set organizational objectives. This is possible when the employees are confident about themselves, are clear about the expectations and are on top of their personal finances.

We equip you and your business with effective & practical performance and financial skills for increased Organizational productivity and performance

We provide a personalized finance coaching pathing the way to a lifetime of financial freedom.

Click on a link below to learn more about how we can help improve your financial well being  or download our Smart Money Journal to learn more about our Personal Finance Fitness

Smart Coaching & Consultancy

We guide you to financial empowerment and a more powerful life with personalized finance coaching

  • Smart Money Personal Finance
  • M-Bizna Entrepreneurship Support

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MPower Workshops & Seminars

Attique’s Africa organizes several events during the year in collaboration with some top Influencers in the industry

  • Kazini Personal Finance Fitness

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Empowering The Next Generation

Learn proper money management and savings as a life skill at an early age in order to be able to navigate the financial world..

  • M-Junior Children Financial Literacy
  • Mpower Investments Planning

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Pathway to Financial Freedom!

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