Smart Money Personal Finance Fitness Program

Duration: Eight (8) weeks for a standard Program
Formula: Group/One on one sessions

This is a personalized Finance Coaching Program which is inclusive and client-focused.

If you have tried to fix your financial situation but were unsuccessful or unable to maintain the positive management behaviors, then this program will be a great investment for your financial fitness.

This is a personalized Finance Coaching Program which is inclusive and client-focused. It helps participants gain an overview of their personal financial situation, money blueprint and saving habits and hence highlight the areas of their personal finances that could benefit from more attention.

Our mission in this program is to enable you live your ideal financial life by making the most out of your assets.

To assist participants set financial goals, devise a savings plan, and work toward achieving the preset financial goals.  At the close of the program, the participant should be able to:

  • Develop a healthy relationship with money
  • Develop a savings discipline as life skills for individual livelihood and business improvement.
  • Identify Personal Financial Priorities
  • Budget Effectively
  • Know how to get out of and control debt
  • Seek further financial help from a professional

Individuals & Groups of people

  • The sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis on a mutual agreement.
  • There will be utmost confidentiality on any personal information shared during the sessions. No information will leave the room by either party without their consent.
  • All the parties will keep time so that the sessions start and end on the agreed time.
  • The client will allow the Finance Coach to challenge and encourage them in order to make steady progress and help them avoid pitfalls along the way.
  • Both parties will be optimistic and make the most out of the sessions. This includes doing all the assignments for the sessions.
  • Consultancy fees must be paid at least 50% for the sessions to kick off.

The training is Fun and highly interactive.  Participants are called on to engage in activities and discussions throughout the training session(s). We also make use of various media to illustrate key points, including video clips and music. This allows participants to learn more, remember more and apply more!

Your investment will be Ksh 35,000 for a standard 10 weeks
Smart Personal Financial Fitness Program.

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