14 Nov 2019

We welcome Young Adults for this insightful and highly impactful personal finance empowerment training.
Objectives of the training:
♦️To Nurture positive money habits and attitudes in Young Adults for a lifetime of financial well-being;
♦️To build capacity in handling money from an early age;
♦️To prepare the participants for real world challenges in Finances which will greatly improve many other aspects of their lives
♦️To help participants differentiate between needs and wants hence make wise spending decisions.

♦️Target ages groups:
13-18 years and 19-24 years.

♦️Financial investment:
30th Nov 2019- An introductory offer of Ksh 1 000 per participant
3rd & 4th Nov – Complete workshop package of 3,000 per Participant advance payment and 3,500 at the gate.

Nomad Lounges, Misha Tower, along Westlands Road, behind Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi.