28 Sep 2020

Money Lesson for Children/ Teenagers Weekly Classes

Are your Children/Teenagers Money Fit?

We are specially inviting them for  this very impactful Children/Teenagers Money Lessons Online weekly Series training .  Lets prepare our children/Teenagers early to become financially responsible citizens who will build strong families, neighborhoods as well as local and international communities.

Objectives of this training:

  • To Nurture positive money habits and attitudes from an early age for a lifetime of financial well being
  • To deliver key foundation knowledge and build capacity in handling money from an early age
  • To prepare children/teens for real world challenges in Finances which will greatly improve many other aspects of their lives
  • To help children differentiate between needs and wants hence make wise spending decisions.


Starting Monday October 5th  2020 .

This will be a Weekly Series Monday- Friday and a Saturday class for those who cannot make it during weekdays.

New participants join in every Monday. Continuing participants engage on advanced curriculum.

Age Groups & Timings:

8 – 12 years – 3.30- 4.30 P.M EAT

13 – 18 years – 5.00- 6.00 P.M EAT



Kshs. 200 per Seesion/ Kshs. 1,000 (10 USD) per week

(this is 50%  COVID Discount)

How to pay

Paybill numbers 5186733

Account: Child’s names

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