19 Dec 2019

Children Money Club for your school as a Life Skill/ Extra Curricular Activity

We welcome you to sign up for the money club for for Children and Teenagers in school as a Life skill and Extra Curricular Activity for the school year 2021/2022.  The main objective is to cultivate positive money habits, skills and attitudes from an early age for a lifetime of financial well being.


Raising financially responsible citizens who will build strong families, neighbourhoods as well as local and international communities.

Objectives of the Money Club:

Financial Literacy is a core life skill, especially in this day and age when children are growing up in a highly complex world. Whether Children come from low-income backgrounds or more privileged ones, learning basic concepts of personal finance like saving, sharing and spending is essential for growth and child development.

The early years are the best time. Brain development is at its peak in the early years of life, and lessons learned can be life-long. Our Children Financial Empowerment Program introduces the concept of financial literacy to children from as early as 5 years of age.

  • To Cultivate and nurture positive money habits and attitudes for a lifetime of financial well being
  • To develop key character traits and virtues around money
  • To deliver key foundation knowledge and build capacity in handling money from an early age
  • To prepare children/teens for real world realities in Finances which will greatly improve many other aspects of their lives
  • To help children differentiate between needs and wants hence make wise spending decisions.

As part of the money curriculum, we help children develop key character traits and virtues around money such as patience, moderation, faithfulness, responsibility, accountability, truthfulness and creativity among others. This prepares our children early in life to become financially responsible citizens who will build strong families, neighborhoods as well as local and international communities.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is well researched and has been tested with different groups of Children and Teenagers in different set ups including seminars & conferences, schools, holiday programs, Youth Camps and Churches. It has been officially published in Children Finance Literacy books Targeting Children and Teenagers. These will serve as the curriculum for this training. More details of the topics to be covered every week for every class will be provided before  kicking off the training.

Training Methodology

This training is impactful, fun, highly practical and interactive. Children are always called upon to engage in practical activities around money and discussions throughout the training. We also make use of various media to illustrate key points including videos and music. This allows participants to learn more, remember more and apply more! We also undertake simple money making projects within the school/at home wherever applicable to make the money subject more practical.

The Team

Our team is able, trained and Children Friendly. We will hold weekly sessions either online or in person  in school during club days when taken as an Extra Curricular and within the Timetable when taken as a Lifeskill.

Participating Schools Currently

During the COVID 19 Lockdown and earlier holiday Camps, we have had the privilege of training children and teenagers from over 20 schools in Kenya including:

  • Moi high School Kabarak
  • Precious Blood Riruta
  • Jonathan Gloag Academy
  • Rose of Sharon School
  • St. Georges School
  • The Kianda Schools
  • Peace Junior School
  • Makini Schools etc.

The Financial Investment

Our Fees for this noble undertaking are highly subsidized and pocket friendly. We do not have a standard price list. Depending on your particular undertaking i.e whether Online or in Person, we customize  a price that results to a win win for all the parties.

Please feel free and welcome to us on +254 727143313 or email [email protected] for an appointment to discuss more on the same.

We trust that you will find our request and recommendations acceptable and look forward to forming a wonderful relationship together that translates to success for all concerned.

Thank You.

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