Teenagers Money Work Book


It’s specially designed to prepare Teenagers and young Adults to become more financially responsible citizens who will build strong families, neighbourhoods as well as local and international Communities.

The objectives of the workbook are:

  • To help young adults appreciate the fact that money does not come easy. They do not know enough. They require continuous education on how money works.
  • To train young adults to be better money managers from an early age.
  • To make young people aware of their spending patterns and the temptations to spend much money on wants. This helps them cultivate a culture of saving from an early age.
  • To help young people break their parents and guardians cycle of poor money management and hence set financial goals and start developing plans for realizing those goals from an early age.

Lets all take part in raising money savvy kids for a lifetime of financial well being.

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Introduced, developed and published during the COVID 19 lock down.

  • ISBN 978-9966-955-91-3

It  introduces and helps them explore more practical knowledge, skills and tools around money, personal finance, savings Personal budgeting, money wastage, growing money,  personal finance planning, money integrity among others.

It can also act as a guide for parents, gurdians and other financial literacy trainers.


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