My Personal Money Diary


This Personal Money diary enables you to track how you spend your money daily. Its meant to help you eliminate your money Leakages.

Create a personal money diary to see how you spend your money and how often you spend on the same items.

  • Pocket friendly in size and shape
  • Allows for daily, weekly, monthly spending tracking
  • A provides a basic guide for budgeting for your money
  • Once monthly personal shopping list planner
  • Personal Notes for efficiency
  • Pocket friendly price
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So many people try to get a better handle on their money by looking at exactly what they spend their money on daily.  The personal Money diary is your companion that helps you eliminate your money Leakages!

Spending our hard-earned cash is all about making choices, and even though we might not consider our spending to be lavish or extravagant, it all adds up.

The idea behind the money diary is to assist you spend less and save more by knowing exactly where your money goes.


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