Young Adults Money Coaching Master Class Special July 2024


Cultivating positive Money Habits, Skills and Attitudes from early in life for a lifetime of financial well-being!

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This Young Adults Personal Finance Literacy Training is for Young adults between 17 -24 years Old. It is focusing on offering Personal Financial Literacy Training to the Young Adults as a Life Skill and extra-curricular activity. It is meant to introduce more practical knowledge, skills and tools around money, personal Finance, savings Personal budgeting, money wastage, borrowing, growing money, financial services and financial services providers and personal finance planning.


Raising, Equipping and Empowering young adults to become financially responsible citizens who will build strong families, neighborhoods, local and international communities.

Objectives of the training:

  1. To help Young adults appreciate the fact that money does not come easy. They do not know enough. They require continuous finance Literacy education and how money works.
  2. To train young adults to be better money managers from an early age.
  3. To make young people aware of their spending patterns and the temptations to spend much money on wants. This helps them cultivate a culture of saving from an early age.
  4. To help young people break their parents and guardians cycle of poor money management and hence set financial goals and start developing plans for realizing those goals from an early age.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is well researched and has been tested with different groups of young adults in different set ups including seminars & conferences, schools, holiday programs and Churches. We propose a series of sessions on Personal Finance self-awareness, Personal Budgeting, Investment options suitable for beginners, handling debt etc.

 Training Methodology

The training is impactful, fun, highly practical and interactive. Young adults are always called upon to engage in practical activities around money, discussions and conversations around money throughout the training. We also make use of various media to illustrate key points including Videos and music. This allows participants to learn more, remember more and apply more! The curriculum is largely driven by your training needs analysis.


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Block  5 Saturday’s from 10.30 – midday for the next 5 Saturday’s starting from July 12th 2024

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