03 Oct 2022

Young Adults Personal Finance Planning Program

Personal Finance Initiative    :      Young Adults Personal Finance Planning Program

Standard Duration                     :       Eight (8) weeks

Formula                                          :        One on one/Groups Online or in-person session(s).

A very special welcome to all Young Adults to this life changing Personal Finance Planning Program for a lifetime of financial well being. For those of us who may feel like they are still young in handling money, Please feel free and welcome to join in!


Empowering young adults to be financially responsible citizens who will build strong families, neighborhoods as well as local and international communities


Personal Finance Literacy is a core life skill especially in this day and age when the world is becoming more complex by the day. Whether you are just starting out on your own or you have been managing some money for some time now, this Personal Finance Planning Program will go a long way in empowering you to gain control over your Personal financial future. It is specially designed to help you appreciate and start developing important Personal Money concepts so you can manage your money with confidence.

The earlier you develop and start having positive money management habits and attitudes, the easier it will be to stick with them and the more positive impact you will have on your financial future. This program provides an opportunity to lay a strong foundation and become better at managing your money starting today, so you can enjoy life, free of undue Personal Finance stress.

W.I.F.M (What is in this for you?)

Our hope and prayer in putting together this program is that by the time you complete the sessions, you will have acquired important money management skills that will help you create a more secure financial future. These include and are not limited to:

  • You will start developing a positive relationship with your money; overcome myths and limiting beliefs that may prevent you from taking powerful actions with your money in future.
  • You will escape and overcome the limiting and most prevalent money goal that many people pursue in life of “not being broke”, start developing money goals and taking the small steps needed to realize even your most ambitious personal dreams.
  • Have a better understanding and start developing the ability of living within a budget
  • You will appreciate and start a journey of handling credit responsibly.
  • Develop a savings plan as a life skill for personal growth and business development.
  • Appreciate and start cultivating Money integrity without which nothing else matters.


The Coaching is personalized, highly interactive and could get invasive.  The Coach will always call upon you to engage in activities and discussions throughout the session(s). We also make use of various strategies and assignments to empower you around your personal finances.

There will be personalized & practical assignments at the end of every Session

Rules of engagement

  • The sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis on a mutual agreement.
  • There will be utmost confidentiality on any personal information shared during the sessions. No information will leave the room by either party without their consent.
  • All the parties will keep time so that the sessions start and end on the agreed time.
  • The client will allow the Finance Coach to challenge and encourage them in order to make steady progress and help them avoid pitfalls along the way.
  • Both parties will be optimistic and make the most out of the sessions. This includes doing all the assignments for the sessions.
  • Consultancy fees must be paid at least 50% for the sessions to kick off.

Meeting Frequency

This program will have a total of 8 themed 2 hour sessions happening weekly.

Just treat this like that hot date or a serious Doctor’s appointment that you cannot afford to miss! The Coach will be your accountability partner and sounding board for progress or when things get out of hand.  Whichever option you choose, know that the work you put in today will pay off in freedom and flexibility for the rest of your life!

Financial Investment into a standard program

Your investment will be Kshs. *10,000 for a standard 8 weeks Personalized Finance Planning Program. This is a short time offer, otherwise the program goes for Kshs. 25,000.00.


  • Pay the requisite fees via M-pesa
  • Buy goods till number 9819183
  • Cheques can be written in favour of Elizabeth Waithaka
  • Forward the M-Pesa confirmation message to: +254 727 143 313 for booking
  • Provide a communications contact where the Handbook and class links will be sent well before the class.
  • Free your schedule and block your session time for the next 8 weeks.

About the Team Leader

Elizabeth is a Money Coach, a Personal Finance/Investments Advisor.  She does Finance Literacy & Entrepreneurship Development training and is incredibly passionate about Children, Teenagers, and Young Adults. To cultivate positive money habits, skills, and attitudes from an early age for a lifetime of financial well-being. She trains in schools, Institutions of higher learning, Churches, and other organizations.

Elizabeth holds a Master of Business Administration degree (Finance option) from the University of Nairobi is a full Accountant (C.P.A K). She holds over 20 years of practical work experience in Corporate Finance. She is a married mother of 3 children.

Elizabeth is an Author with several titles on Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship as below:

  • Money Life skills Workbook for the 21st Century Teenager
  • My Life skills Workbook for Children
  • My Personalized Financial Planner
  • My Personal Money Nuggets Work Book- over 52 weeks of personalized Money Coaching Mini Classics.
  • Generating my Unique Business Idea- An entrepreneurship Development  Work book
  • Social Entrepreneurship Hybrid Economic Workbook ( A limited edition)
  • Money Fundamentals for Young Adults- In Progress

For any questions, clarifications etc., please feel free and welcome to reach out on [email protected]/ +254 727 143 313 

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