15 Oct 2021

Give your events & other gatherings a MONEY THEME.

We especially welcome you to this initiative by Attique Money Lifeskills Academy to help you Learn Personal Money Management, Planning and Investment of the go! Among the most relevant financial literacy nuggets that will be covered include:

  • Defining your Money Goals.

Many people live their lives with only one goal. This is of not being broke and having enough money to just manage day by day. This is very limiting. Setting clear financial goals allows people to have something to hope for and a reason to work towards a target or an objective. When goals are visualized and with maybe actual pictures of one’s dream house, business or any other thing it helps people to work smarter with a visualized dream.

  • Acquiring the Money Mindset.

The shift in perception will be the main focus of this MONEY NUGGET. Among the nuggets covered will be

  • The highest need that money meets in my life
  • Money Personality awareness
  • Learning the mindset of people with money.


Saving is the deliberate practice of putting aside part of your income for future use. In this MONEY NUGGET, we will be discussing the following:

  • A savings plan which is a critical tool for managing your money to meet short, medium, or long term financial goals
  • Budgeting as a guide to savings
  • Cutting costs (household expenses, debt repayments, other expenses).
  • Deciding Where to save considering factors like Safety, Access to your savings, Deposit requirements, Terms of use, Cost, Liquidity and Interest.
  • Tips to successful saving that will make it a habit.

Getting out of Debt

Responsible borrowing will be extensively covered in this MONEY NUGGET. It will be answering the question of why, when and where to borrow. Other nuggets will include Loan defaults, causes and the consequences. The most relevant topic is this MONEY NUGGET will be how to Prevent Over-Indebtedness and come out of debt .

  • Personal Budgeting as a Coping mechanism.

This topic covers the basic skills in computation – identifying assets and liabilities, income sources and expense items and determining net worth. Only when the person got hold of his basic financial circumstances can they start working to improve their financial condition.

  • Retirement Planning.

What to do when you cannot earn anymore by reason of age?

Did you know that planning for retirement is a choice?

One and all will have to retire some day and that’s why there has to be the process of determining retirement income goals and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals.  Retirement is the stage where a person stops employment completely. Universally, many people do not stop work completely because they do not plan early enough for retirement. This forces them to continue working even after the retirement age. The minimum age of retirement in many countries is 55 years. People retire either voluntarily (resign or retire before the minimum retirement age) or involuntarily (forced to retire because of age, fired from work, or forced to stop working due to sickness or disability).

One must decide what is best for him or her and then determine how to make it possible.  The goals for the later years in life are as important as your short-term goals and while many older adults enjoy working to stay active and involved, it’s much different to work because you want rather than because you have to!

For these and more, join our PERSONAL FINANCE Literacy online classes where we will be discussing different money nuggets weekly. They will be accompanied by Practical Money Coaching assignments.  By the end each training session, participants are expected to:

  • Be having a thorough understanding of personal financial issues related to the particular MONEY NUGGET discussed,
  • Be able to apply the knowledge learnt and be able to manage, plan and invest  one’s Money better and
  • Feel sufficiently self-assured to make decisions relating to one’s Money and
  • Enjoy a lifetime of financial well being


  • Online or In-Person during your group meetings and at the comfort of your preferred venues/ board rooms or every Thursday’s 6.30 p.m (E.A.T)or Saturday’s 8.30 a.m.- 10.30 p.m. (E.A.T) from November 4th 2021.
    • > initiatives
    • Chama meetings
    •  Youth Camps
    • Conferences
    • Family gatherings
    • Parties
    • AGM’s
    • Etc

Apart from your customized gatherings sessions,  There will be online engagements every Thursday’s 6.30 -8.00 p.m and a repeat on Saturday 8.30- 10.30 a.m.

This cohort kicks off  online on Thursday November 4th 2021 at 6.30 p.m.

Ideal Participants

  • Individuals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • > in Organizations
  • Fellowships & Bible study groups
  • Chama members
  • Youth Camps
  • SACCO & welfare group Members
  • etc.


Kshs. 500.00 per person per session. Kshs. 3,000 for 6 weeks cohorts .

Flexible Group rates available!


Pay via M-PESA Paybill

Business number: 5186733

Account: Your names

Call/Text/Whatsapp 0727 143 313/ 0725 957 334/ 0729 468 251

[email protected]


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