13 Mar 2024

Getting Married? A Pre-Marital Money Coaching Program

Getting Married? Congratulations on the start of this life changing Journey of marriage!

Marriage is a milestone where you will make key financial and other decisions. It is of great importance to talk about finances in your marriage. How you handle money in marriage is such a factor in how happy your marriage will be. Talking about Money in marriage does not come naturally. This Program is such a necessary investment for your marriage. It is the starting point in creating and developing your financial intimacy.

As you begin your marriage journey, learn to manage your money together as one. Research shows that even the most difficult topics can become pleasant and fun if they are broken into small, manageable chunks and discussed in steps. That is what we are going to do in this program. Planning your money together as one will help you build a strong foundation for your marriage. The good book confirms that the two shall become one (Mark 10:8) money included!

Program expected outcomes

  • My money versus our money – to help couples build financial intimacy for a strong & healthy marriage.
  • Helping couples to set and work towards achieving family financial goals together.
  • Discuss each other’s spending habits and financial commitments.
  • To take the first steps towards creating a risk management plan for the family.
  • Start budgeting and tracking your finances together for family financial well-being
  • Start discussing how you will handle and/or share financial responsibilities in order to eliminate conflicts around money in marriage.

Program Modules

  1. Introduction—Pre assessment at an individual level
  2. Your Money history, Values &  Money Personality
  3. Individual Money Goals Versus Family goals
  4. Family Budgeting
  5. Individual Net worth versus the family
  6. Family risk Management Structure
  7. Investing for the family goals
  8. Protecting your assets. Creating a Legacy


  • The sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis in 2 hours sessions.
  • Engagement could be online or in person.
  • Each signup comes with two free Personal Finance Planning Handbooks one for you and your partners. They are complete with lessons, skeleton notes and all the requisite assignments and resources. They will be used as the tools for this Journey
  • There will be utmost confidentiality on information shared during the sessions. For a more personalized Journey, you will be assigned to a Money Coach who will walk with you as a guide/accountability partner and help ensure that the work gets done.
  • All the parties will keep time so that the sessions start and end on the agreed time.
  • The client will allow the Money Coach to challenge and encourage them in order to make steady progress and help them avoid pitfalls along the way.
  • All the parties will be optimistic and make the most out of the sessions. This includes doing all the assignments for the sessions.
  • At least 50% of the consultancy fees must be paid for the sessions to kick off.


This program will have a total of 8 themed sessions happening weekly.

Just treat this like that hot date or a serious Doctor’s appointment that you cannot afford to miss! The Money Coach will be your sounding board when things get out of hand.  Whichever option you choose, know that the work you put in today will pay off in freedom and flexibility for the family and for the rest of your life!


The sessions are inclusive and client-focused. They entail interactive discussions, calculations & analysis, journaling and assignments. Each Partner is entitled to at least one extra hour per week of open house session to explore their areas of financial potential, areas of stuckness and tools for personal action and growth at a personal level.


The Couple investment into this program is Kes 25,000.00 for a standard 8 weeks structured Couple Financial Planning Program.


  • Pay the requisite fees via M-pesa
  • Till No. 9 8 1 9 1 8 3
  • Forward the M-Pesa confirmation message to: +254 727 143 313 for booking
  • Provide communication contacts for you and your partner where the mini handbooks and class links will be sent well before the class.
  • Free your schedule and block your session time for the next 8 weeks.

About the Host

Elizabeth is a Money Coach, Trainer & Author. She does Finance literacy training and is incredibly passionate about children, Teenagers, and young adults. To cultivate positive money habits, skills, and attitudes from an early age for a lifetime of financial well-being. She trains in schools, Institutions of higher learning, Churches, and other organizations.

Elizabeth holds a Master of Business Administration degree (Finance option) from the University of Nairobi is a full Accountant (C.P.A K). She holds over 20 years of practical work experience in Corporate Finance. She is a married mother of 3 children.

For any questions, clarifications etc., please feel free and welcome to reach out on [email protected]/ 0727 143 313

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