22 Jan 2020

Free Complimentary Financial Fitness Training forTeachers | Children Money Club

We are delighted to extend this Complimentary Training Offer to your teachers and selected staff members on their personal Finance Fitness. It’s an extension of the Money lessons for children club for your school.  It is a limited offer available to teachers and other members of staff whose schools sign up for the club.

Personal Financial Education (Money Literacy) is a basic life management skill that every employee should be equipped with to help them manage their personal lives better. It is in the best interest of employers to focus on their workers’ personal financial problems as they have a direct bearing on the workplace. Negative work outcomes due to increased employee financial stress have not gone unnoticed by school’s Management.

Losses from lower productivity

  • Poor work quality, quantity, and/or efficiency
  • Absenteeism
  • Integrity issues
  • Employer health care costs and
  • Work loss due to stress and the handling of personal financial matters

Worldwide, it has become clear that providing these noble skills to employees is not only beneficial to them, but also for the Employer’s bottom line as well. It is also gradually being recognized that financial education is a low cost, high impact benefit. By sponsoring them, employers will play a major part in confirming that despite their earning levels; they can all learnt good money management habits and that we can all aspire to a good level of financial security. As a school, you will choose at least two from the following training areas:

  • Developing a healthy relationship with your Money
  • Developing a savings culture as a lifeskill
  • Getting out of debt
  • My SMART Money goals for 2020
  • Start Investing now
  • being in control of your money
  • Personal Budgeting for less stress around money
  • Estates Planning

Hurry up!

Sign up for the Money Club for your school and give your teachers and selected staff members this life-changing opportunity!


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