11 Sep 2019

Money Lessons for Children Virtual Learning as an Extracurricular


To make your children interventions more wholesome and impactful, this is a proposal to introduce Children Finance Literacy Training as part of your Extra Curricular Activities. We propose to introduce a Children Finance Literacy Club. According to the Standard, the new curriculum aims at a holistic student. Financial literacy is one of the most essential aspects of education.

Financial Literacy is a core life skill, especially in this day and age when children are growing up in a highly complex world. Whether Children come from low-income backgrounds or more privileged ones, learning basic concepts of personal finance like saving, sharing and spending is essential for growth and child development.

The cognitive years are the best to learn about finance. Brain development is at its peak in the first five years, and lessons learned can be life-long.

Our Children Financial Empowerment Program introduces the concept of financial literacy to children from 5 years of age. As part of the money curriculum, we help children develop key character traits such as patience, moderation, faithfulness, responsibility, accountability, honesty and creativity. This prepares our children to become financially responsible citizens who will build strong families, neighborhoods as well as local and international communities. For us, we do this passionately to serve a higher calling.

Objectives of the program:

  • To Nurture positive money habits and attitudes for a lifetime of financial well being
  • To deliver key foundation knowledge and build capacity in handling money from an early age
  • To prepare children/teens for real world challenges in Finances which will greatly improve many other aspects of their lives
  • To help children differentiate between needs and wants hence make wise spending decisions.

Target Ages:

Our Children Finance literacy program targets children from five (5) – 17 years of age. For efficiency in impartation of these life skills, children are usually divided into age groups.

We have a responsibility to cultivate positive money habits in our children for a Lifetime of Financial well being.

Let’s start Finance Literacy clubs in our schools so that we can reach out to every child with this noble Life skill.

Please contact us for this and more.

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